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I am a school nurse and deal with head lice on a monthly basis. The ONLY thing that is %100 effective at getting rid of head lice is to pick each and every nit and bug out with your fingers. Check the child/person every day for a week or two removing any you see, vaccum the house and wash the bedding in hot water. There are no remedies except this.

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We do this along with the Denorex. I use a lice/nit comb every morning after my daughters wash with Denorex. If I find a single nit, our entire house gets re-cleaned. The only way to get rid of lice is to get rid of the nits. Period.


This is quite a dilemma if you're a single person living alone and don't have anyone to check your head for you. I combed a lot of hair out, used a lot of treatments for over 2 months, and finally used some I've seen on this website - vinegar, Denorex, TGel Shampoo, and Listerine. So far, so good.


I did this for two weeks on my daughter (I actually treated with LiceFree first, and then every day for two weeks afterwards I nit-picked) and that was about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and the lice is back (and she just spent the last week away from school because of illness and other things). It isn't always a perfect remedy, but does still need to be done. However, now we are trying some other things to help get rid of it also, on top of the nit-picking.

P.S. I am a nurse also, and have also kept in constant contact with the school nurse and the nurse at the doctors office, and they suggested doing other things to get rid of it all.

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