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The Urin from a baby diaper(lol)sounds sick but nephew had acne so bad it was like pimples on top of pimples..he did it for 4 days and was healed...he had a normal red a baby??got a friend who has a baby...???give it a bull

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This seriously works...

My mother had very bad acne on her back when she was carrying me. My grandmother told her to use one of my used diapers and she was reluctant. Needless to say, she was relieved of her acne!


umm.. wats the diffrence between a babys urine and an adults...?


Adults urine is not exactly healthy as a babys would be. We have so many Toxins in our bodys, like coffee drinkers, bacteria in our intestine from the food we eat etc. Baby's on the other hand only eats healty baby foods and drink mailk or formulas, So this makes their urine healtier than adults.


Lol actually, you don't have to do this.. just eat baby food for snacks and cut out soda and deep fried foods. At least with these foods reduced by half, you should see a difference.



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