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It's not 'what'' is in the hot liquid, or in the exercise you're doing, it's all about doing something to get your body moving. Science proves that hot molecules move faster, so drinking any kind of hot liquid will work, be it tea, coffee, just plain hot water. Also, moving you're body warms it up naturally, so doing anything to get you're blood flowing and you're body heat up is enough to cause the same effect as drinking something hot. Simple remedy, and it works.

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thank you my girlfriend just had terrible gas and as soon as she drank hot water she felt better


Thank you south. I've been in tears for over a hour and after drinking hot water, using a heating pad and rocking back in fourth the pain went away in minutes!


It takes more than that for some, I ran four miles this morning and took a very long, hot shower and was in the same pain as before....

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