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Make a paste from a teaspoon of tomato juice, 1/2 teaspoon lemon juice, a pinch of turmeric powder and a pinch of gram flour. Apply under eyes for 10 minutes.

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why not add chilli powder to the same!!!!


i would think this would produce a yellow tint under the eyes from the turmeric. no?


Too funny!......Add chili powder.....Thanks for the morning laugh you gave me.


its really works i have tried it...


does it really work??
i need to know desperately


hmm never heard bout it but ive had dark circles since i was little so its worth a shot


cruel.. tumeric will stain your eyes yellow for the next two weeks.. LOL... to cruel..I can't even get that stuff off my fingers, I wonder why you would suggest putting it on your face. By the way, tumeric is great for stretch marks when you're pregnant though. It can help reduce the scaring effect later on.


I can see that the yellow from the tumeric would lessen the dark circles...dark circle concealor comes in yellow tones for severe dark circles...something with the yellow tones in the concealor and the blueish tones under your eyes takes the darkness away...will try this!


i bought an ebook with all natural ways to cure dark circles & this was one of the doctors most recommended recipes! he also said dark circles could be caused by liver, kidney, least likely> heart problems, most likely iron deficiency. but i will increase my fiber! & try this recipe asap :) at this point id do anything to figure out the problem! what i have noticed making the most difference for me is 8+ hours of sleep and drinking ALOT of water!


It does make sense to use tumeric because the yellow would cover it up a bit and since it sticks u would have to use maybe every 2 week or so I WILL TRY THIS.

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