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apply tape to your pimple. not the papery kind, the plastic clear sticky kind duh.. i use it on cystic pimples, the kind that develop under the skin and get infected and huge easily. apply tape before bed, when you wake up the tape will be gross and have pus on it. remove it and squeeze your pimple gently if necessary. then wash your face.

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Yakiiiii thing to do...
Did you (to the one who post this remedy)do that many times???
Did it feel great??? Well, i never tried it, but when i read it, it's so YUKKKIIII!!!!!!!!


your not suppose to pop your pimples at all. it will leave marks on your face.


Hey u fool u better keep these suggestions for yourself and for ur kids


WTF man this is the stupidest piece of crap i could of ever done only stupid idots try this!


that was a silly immature thing to do

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