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wiggle a sliver of soap (Ivry) in the babys butt! Don't let it go it could disapear if you know what I mean. And watch out, the poo could come flying while you remove the soap. My dad did this with me and told me about it when I had my child. It works! instantly!

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To answer your question - the soap sliver should be about the size of a baby suppository from the store. And only use either ivory or glycerin soaps (others may be harmful).

Apply vaseline and insert it as a suppository - and make sure it stays in 5 minutes. A few minutes after that the baby will do a doodle.


This one works. My mom & aunt have been using it for over 35 years on their children.


My little 'un is 9 years old now and I still put the soap suppository in her when shs's struggling to do a big smelly, and it still works.


Hi I didnt have the soap so instead i used the anusol suppositories just few secs and she pooed straight was a relief

Suzanne (formerly SF)

Re: the above - Anusol is a hemorroidal suppository contains painkillers and coagulants which are unsuitable for small children

Divorced mom

I have used this remedy on all of my kids.

Recently gave it to my 6 yo. Works!

Make a small sliver of soap from a bar of ivory soap.

Can either put little bit of Vaseline on to easy insertion.

Or have bowl of warm water on table and dip sliver in the warm water to make it slippery.

Give like a suppository. Have him on a towel on tummy on table or across your lap on a towel.

Can also have him on back with legs up.

Like taking rectal temperature.

Will have a BM. So have close to potty.

Sometimes I give an enema with the bulb syringe.

Best to ask doctor or pedi before giving stick or enema.

Only given few times. Given after all else didn't work or felt he needed to go.

Warm water enemas work great too for constipation!

I give enema same way as the soap sliver. Either on tummy on table or my lap. On a towel.

Or on back holding legs up some.

Mrs C

The thermometer and baby oil worked so well for me. Baby got instant relief. Am increasing her fluid intake, dont want this happening again. She is 5months old.


Small enema

Give with infant or child’s rubber enema bulb


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