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wiggle a sliver of soap (Ivry) in the babys butt! Don't let it go it could disapear if you know what I mean. And watch out, the poo could come flying while you remove the soap. My dad did this with me and told me about it when I had my child. It works! instantly!

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Thank you!!!!!! I have never been so happy to see a 6 day backed up explosion from my 6 month old! the ivory soap worked with 3 minutes!!!!!

p. w-J

kNEW ABOUT THE SOAP REMEDY FROM MY ANCESTORS (African American). but never had to use it on my daughter. However, my 5week old grandaughter did not have a bowel movement for 2 days and was very agitated. I had tried everything else, when I remembered this old remedy and within 15 seconds it worked. I would rec. this for anyone , just make sure you hold on to the soap.


I used a rectal thermometer with lubricant -- same idea, I think. Worked great- my doc recommended it once. Just wiggle it in a circle- the good thing about the rectal thermometer is it doesn't let you stick it in too far. Worked great on my 4.5 mo old- thanks for reminding me!


I just tried it. Worked within 2 mins. My DD has silent reflux and is exclusively breastfed, but the meds for her reflux give her constipation.

Pedi rec'd that I give her more meds to help her go, but I said no.

So glad I did.


does any soap work or just ivory


I substituted the soap with drops of baby oil. It works instantly too. I just felt that using soap isn't that good on baby's sensitive skin.


My 3 week old son was constipated for 2 days and his condition and fussiness was getting
Out of control.... Nothing could ease his pain...
So I read the suggestion about the ivory soap. However I found it to be a tad bit too risky, so I kept reading... And came upon the suggestion about using baby oil. So the wife and I tried it....
We put a couple of drop on his lil butthole..and within 20 seconds.. He was pooping ;)
This works !!!!!


Being the oldest of 9 kids there were lots of occasions when I had to stick a sliver of soap up a baby's bum when constpated. It is the best remedy ever. During my daily shower I use a soapy finger tip to keep me regular.

Just don't put the soap sliver back in the soap dish like my mom did!


I think this remedy sounds very odd but if my little one continues to have trouble with her BM's then I will give it a shot because it sounds like it actually works after reading all the comments. Just one question:
How big of a 'sliver' is it supposed to be? & you just swirl it around then pull it out right?

Any answers would be helpful, so thank you in advance. =)

Ninja mommy

My halloween baby has been trying rice cereal and the non organic has hit him hard. We are goin to try organic rice before moving on to oatmeal. I've tried apple juice (watered down a tad) and he's finnally falling asleep but if he doesn't pass his BM I may try the baby oil as I'm not comphertable with the solid soap :) glad I found this thread !!!

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