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wiggle a sliver of soap (Ivry) in the babys butt! Don't let it go it could disapear if you know what I mean. And watch out, the poo could come flying while you remove the soap. My dad did this with me and told me about it when I had my child. It works! instantly!

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I tryed it on my 17 month old and I have too say it worked very well thnx


Odd, but it does work


It does work, but it's not recommended on a regular basis. The soap will eventually irritate the baby. Soap is meant for external use only.


I am not a baby by all means but I have been on the potty for at least 2 hours and I finally got on my lap top to find home remedies for constipation.... THIS WORKED IMMEDIATELY!!!

Jason n Lea

Works great! Our 4 month old son is a happy camper now! Thank you!!!


I just tried this on my 3month old baby girl and it worked istantly. It was 9 days since her last bowl movement and we had tried everything with no luck. What a great home remedy that really works.


I knew about this remedy from my grand monther and I have tried it over my daughter of 7 months old. She was finding it difficult to pass the motion as it was too tight and when I pushed little of bay soap, within 5 minutes she was able to pass the tight motion wihout much pain.


Only use plain ivory or glycerine soap - nothing with added perfumes or colours!
I recommend this for persistent constipation as it can be used frequently as a cheap alternative to glycerine suppositories. Pop a soap sliver in when she's straining and crying and it'll make her do a doodle in 5-10 minutes.


Please read the warning at the top of the page and consult with a physcician first.


does it have to be Ivry soap? or any bar soap?

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