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to exfoliate lips mix olive oil and sugar together. try to keep the amount mixed around equal, and you don't need that much. with a toothbrush exfoliate your lips with mixture. keep mixture on lips while you rinse toothbrush. then exfoliate again but only with the remaining mixture on your lips. rinse toothbrush and lips. lips should be so smooth it's unbelievable at first!! apply chapstick to keep results. i do this about once or twice a week, or whenever i feel my lips are beginning to dry!

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wow barbi chill out. She was just trying to offer another suggestion. How is it hurting you in any way?
Get a life.


I agree. Barbi - calm down. It is not like you are selling your idea for Pete's sakes!


It works! I was thinking at first what a weird combination but then I tried it and their so soft, they feel numb ahaha! I love it!!


It worked! I didn't use a tooth brush, I just used my finger. I am definitely going to use this again in the future.


Can I use vegetable oil instead?

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