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to exfoliate lips mix olive oil and sugar together. try to keep the amount mixed around equal, and you don't need that much. with a toothbrush exfoliate your lips with mixture. keep mixture on lips while you rinse toothbrush. then exfoliate again but only with the remaining mixture on your lips. rinse toothbrush and lips. lips should be so smooth it's unbelievable at first!! apply chapstick to keep results. i do this about once or twice a week, or whenever i feel my lips are beginning to dry!

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oh my gosh!! this worked so well!! It tasted kinda funky, though. I know you're probably not supposed to eat it, but some of it just slipped through. But, that doesn't matter because the results are worth it. :)


Its really works for me..the fact that there is no harm in swalowing it is good :)


You can also take half a lemon, sprinkle a little salt on it and lightly rub in circular motion on your lips, rinse and voila!


OMG! this is amazing! it works great. i love it. kissable soft.


i was the person who submitted this. i knew people would love it as much as i do. but kathy don't try to advertise your method that most likely sucks on comments about MY METHOD. that's rude. thanks


Actually, as someone who eats lemons with salt on the regular as a snack, don't try Kathy's suggestion. That irritates the hell out of the delicate skin on your lips.


this is very amazing, feels kinda weird at first but its all worth it. My lips are so SOFT thanks so much for this tip!! :)


Merci! :)

tianaaaa .

yes because she gets so much out of 'advertising' on someone else's remedy =/ i highly doubt that was what she was goin for .

but that actually worked lol gj .


This worked great!! I can't wait to kiss my boyfriend!

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