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So I ended up getting stupid genital warts from my girlfriend who ended up cheating on me and I didn't find out till I got genital warts. Started out a small bump and then went full blown warts all over my private parts which sucked so bad. I obviously broke up with her. I didn't have the courage to go to the doctor because I was so embarrassed. I tried otc wart remover from drug store but that just ended up burning my privates so bad so I stopped that. I ended up finding a product online called Dr. Wart Extreme Wart Remover which worked miricales. It all natural and safe to use on your privates and it didn't hurt at all. You can get it at I highly recommend it. Just be sure to stay consistent when using it. It doesn't smell the best but you cant smell it unless you actually put it up to your nose. But it was definitely worth the money and a lot cheaper than going to the doctors.

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Thanks. I ordered it from the website. Excited to use it

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