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I am a 78 year old male who had a severe backache for 50 years. I was COMPLETELY CURED five years ago. I am still absolutely pain free! Here's what happened. I woke up one night with a severe pain in my elbow. It was so bad I had to be driven to a hospital. I was diagnosed with a severe internal infection of the elbow. I spent a week in hospital. The only medication I received was an antibiotic. It cleared up my elbow all right bat amazingly it also cured my backache!

Based on the evidence and my background in medical research, I reasoned that my backache had not been caused by vertebrate or disc problems as several doctors in my life had diagnosed, but rather by a bacterial infection!

I also reasoned that I could not be the first to discover this cure so I ran the words backache and bacterial infection together on the internet (Please try it yourself). Sure enough a group of doctors in Europe ran a large experiment in which a large number of chronic backache sufferers were given antibiotics. Two thirds of them reported that their backache completely disappeared or that the pain was greatly reduced. A year later those who reported the improvement stated the pain has no returned!

Of course my question now is why hasn't this cure become widely accepted among doctors in North America?

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