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Guys. Thank you. Been feeling like I'm about to die because I'm the only one I've ever heard of with anal warts. Thanks for this site and your experiences.

I think I got my warts from a partner who performed oral sex on me. I noticed he had a lump on his tongue and asked about it and he said it's been there for as long as he could remember and he doesn't know what it is. I thought it was some innocent anomaly (stupid). Be careful with who you sleep with really..

When I noticed the warts about 4 months later they had already spread. Looked on the internet to make sure I wasn't dying and saw pics.

Started with garlic. It really burns.. the most painful of all treatments I've tried. After about 3 days of applying crushed garlic on gauze and leaving it overnight the skin around my ass started peeling off. Almost became this big wound. But the warts seemed very slightly affected. So I stopped.

Next stop aloe Vera juice (squeezing the aloe Vera plant). This actually feels soothing. The warts reduced in size after about a week but not a lot. So I stopped too.

Next stop tea tree oil which was the first treatment that gave me hope. After a week of application and what I had got finished I couldn't find more undiluted tea tree oil. Some warts had already disappeared. I literally have so much respect for tea tree oil now..

So after sometime searching for more tea tree oil and not finding (in my area) I decided to get Apple cider vinegar.

I started applying last night. I first literally wash the warts with it. Let it cool off (guys the pain can't even compare to garlic, when I see people complaining here I feel like some war hero lol), then I put gauze soaked with acv in my butchers the whole night. I plan to literally steep my asshole in acv if that's what it takes. Reading all your comments has shown me perseverance is the name of the game. I hope I get results and fast because I just met this hot guy and I want to have a wart free relationship.

Will update with results.

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Guys!! ACV IS MAGIC! It's just been 3 days and almost all the warts are gone! I think the way to go is constantly have undiluted ACV on the warts.. all day long. That's what I did. I still can't believe it. It burns but it's so worth it.

There's a question of healing the area, which I think Tea tree oil will be perfect for (when I find it). Thank you guys.. without your encouraging comments I don't be here now. Thank God for sites like this where people can share their knowledge.

Have warts? Use Apple Cider Vinegar

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