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To get fleas off your pet, try bathing them in Dawn dish washing liquid. It kills the fleas it comes in contact with. Borax worked for the carpet better than salt for me. We used it for roaches, too before we moved into our house. Advantage works to help keep the fleas off, but Dawn will kill most, if not all, fleas.

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Under NO circumstances should you bathe your cat or dog in Dawn or any other dish liquid! It is VERY HARSH on their skin and hair. Not to mention PAINFUL if you get it in their eyes! Advantage works quite well, when given the right strength. And remember to treat the source of the problem...your yard. There are many insecticidal sprays, dusts, and powders for your lawn. Fleas hitch a ride into your home via your shoes, socks, and pants. So treating your lawn is crucial. As for cats, keep them in the house; don't let them get outside. Obviously, fleas will ride in via your pet.


i heard that dawn dishsoap was bad for the animals


atually i have a 15 year old dog and we have bathed her in dawn since we found her! It works very well!


I'm sure it's painful if you get shampoo in your eyes too, or anything in your pets eyes for that matter. Honestly, just don't get it in their eyes - cased closed.

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