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I have an anal boil that seemed to start with an itch. It turned into a finger tip sized swelling and I could feel the hard pea sized boil/abscess inside. It doesn't really hurt unless pressure in applied, a needle like pain, and can ache after a lot of walking. I've had a coupe in the past and just let them shrink away on its own. It does take weeks depending on the size. I read that hot water helps and you should make it as hot as you can take. I'm traveling so I'm making due in a hotel. Sitting in a hot bathtub cooled down quickly so I decided to try the direct route. I laid on my back in an empty tub with my legs in the air and the faucet directly over my anus and let the hot water run directly down on the boil. This approach applied super hot water directly to the affected area and it seems to be shrinking faster than before. A tip is to let the hot water cover the bottom of the tub and then drain it. It's much nicer laying down in a warm tub than a cold one. It devinately increases blood flow as I look like a red assed baboon afterward and it does relieve any ache. Never considered trying to burst it. To me that inviting another infection.

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Thank you for the help, the "red assed baboon" cracked me up! I will be trying your method. ?

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