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Ok guys I know there’s a lot of home remedies on, I just wanna share what worked for me even thou I did try the turmeric coconut oil paste so maybe that could’ve played it into it. So I first noticed I had a lump near the anus area and I knew it was just gonna continue to grow bigger painful because I have had one prior to this but just near the vaginal area and oh myyyyy that was mega painful that grew to size of a golf ball and I did not want this one to get anywhere near to the one I had before. Now I don’t have a bath so I couldn’t physically have an Epsom salt soak but what I did do was get a large shallow bucket big enough to fit my butt in to and sat in that bucket with the Epsom’s salt soak remedy I did this three times a day for about 20 mins and straight after I did apply the turmeric and coconut oil paste three times a day as well. But what I noticed was that after the Epsom salt soak I could see a head was forming but after I had applied the turmeric paste and left there bandaged up the head that appeared after the soak didn’t seem to be there anymore. So on day 2 I repeated the Epsom salt soak and then applied directly a paste made up of the Epsom salt and water onto the abscess and left it there overnight. Day 3 it erupted and all that nasty stuff started to ooze out, and what a relief that was!! I always find that Epsom salt works best and defo a hot soak as well

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are u ok now...can i also try epsom salt it safe method..i am presently suffering with an abcess and it s not erupting at is very very not ablet bare it


Yeah the pain has completely gone I am just keeping the area covered with a bandage just so that I don’t risk of infecting it again I’ll stop covering it with a banadage in about 5 days by then it should be healed. And yes Epsom salt paste is completely safe to use it will help to draw a head on the abscess which will then help it to erupt. Try the Epsom salt hot soak three/four times a day and the Epsom salt paste directly on the abscess after the soak that should help with the pain and hopefully getting rid of the abscess too.

Lewis p

Hi not sure you still write on here but have abcess and a fissula i far as i am were its in my bum cheek more but its starting to get bigger doctors wants to operate but its been months now and i still have no idea when that will happen mean while the pain is unbearable ever 2 weeks i get a fever and ever day i feel sick you got any ideas how to deal with the pain (pain killers are not working one bit) thanks

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