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Hi everyone. Okay so I’m a 21yr old female. I first noticed my GW last spring when a few weeks after sleeping with a few different guys around the same time (after a bad breakup), I had one bump on my pubic bone area a little above my vaginal opening so the area not protected by a condom. Like everyone else, I freaked the f*ck out and went to my doctor to get STD tested and to get the bump checked out. Everything came back negative for STD so I had my doctor look at the bump and she suspected it was genital warts but needed to biopsy it to be 100\\% sure. Well I didn’t want to be cut and I did enough research online to know it was GW. For that occurrence, I literally did nothing for it and my single wart went away by the summer time. I didn’t notice any more warts in the fall but also -sorry if TMI- I didn’t shave too often because I was single and wasn’t sleeping with anyone. So fast forward to a few weeks ago this spring when I did shave and I was looking down at my genital region with a mirror and guess what I saw.... another freaking wart in the same exact area as last spring but this time the wart was super flat and barely noticeable unlike like last spring where the wart was raised and had the cauliflower like top.

So instead of just letting it go away on it’s own again, I decided to take the proactive approach.

First boosting my immune system- tbh my eating habits are horrible, I’m not the healthiest person when it comes to what I eat but I also don’t get sick that often and I don’t smoke/ drink a lot of alcohol. So I decided to change my eating habits to healthier versions BUT I’m not cutting out sugar entirely because I do wanna enjoy life/ food. I’m a foodie what can I say...

As for vitamins, I started taking a multivitamin, vitamin C, B6, B12, folic acid, selenium, and l-lysine. ******side not for females taking birth control- the birth control causes you to have a deficiency in B6 and B12 so that’s why I took them as separate vitamins rather than a B complex vitamin******

As for supplements, I started taking a turmeric, enchincea and liquid odorless garlic pills.

For treatment of external warts- I really didn’t want to do the ACV treatment because I’ve heard a lot of stories of burning/scarring plus the warts coming back. So I decided to try 100\\% pure tea tree oil with banana peels. I’ve heard great things about both. I’m less than a week into treatment and I’ve already seen great results.

So I apply tea tree oil on a qtip to the warts directly in the morning. Leave it on and go about my day. When I get home that night, I apply coconut oil all over my genital region (don’t go overboard) because the tea tree oil can be very drying to the area. About an hour or so before I want to go to bed, I take the skin of a banana (on it’s way to being ripe) and load it up with tea tree oil, do this to white side of peel not the outer part. ***a little side note- you need to check and see if your skin is really sensitive to tea tree oil, mine wasn’t so that’s why I put a lot on the bananas peels. If your skin is sensitive, then only put a few drops on the peel***

Next- you can do two options: 1) only place the banana peel on the area where there are warts OR 2) place the banana peels all over the external vagina area (entire groin area for the dudes). I personally did option 1 for the first few times but noticed that in areas the banana peel didn’t touch the time before, it was making warts that I couldn’t see raise up and turn black so that’s why I started doing option 2 a few times to get the external warts I couldn’t see. I left the peels on for an hour or so. I will tell you that your skin down there will be irritated and red but it’s okay!! While the peels are on, your skin might start to burn a little or get a tingling sensation but it just means it’s working and it’s very manageable. After I take off the peels, I would shower to get the banana peel gunk off my junk and to lightly rub any loose dead warts but try to do this in cooler water because the skin will be irritated. Then I just air dry and go to bed. You might have a tingling sensation or some inflammation for a little bit but mine goes away by the time I wake up.

Some tips- okay so first I alternate between option 1 and 2 because I don’t want an entire irritated vagina area every night and to also give my skin a rest. Second I wouldn’t use coconut oil too much because warts do like moist areas so I’d use it sparingly. I only use it to help the drying the tea tree oil does. (but I have read articles where coconut oil is good for treating GW so proceed with whatever you think is best). I also try to clean my nether region with hydrogen peroxide if I can when I’m home because I live in FL and let’s be real it gets sweaty down there.

Already less than a week into doing this and I can see improvement. I don’t know if it’s from the supplements or treatment or both but when I look at the main wart that came back in same area (I have to use a mirror because it’s really hard to see since it’s flat and barely raised), I can see numerous tiny black dots within the wart meaning it’s slowly dying. I think the wart itself has also shrunk a bit. There were a few super super tiny warts around this main one and I can really only see one. It might be because the other ones are either gone or went even tinier.

So anywho I know this post was super super long but honestly I loved reading all of y’alls experiences so I figured I’d share mine in case someone has a similar one and doesn’t know what to do.

GW won’t kill you, yes they suck especially during an outbreak but what I’ve learned from y’all is that life moves on, enjoy it to the max and just make sure to tell any future partners. If they’re the right person for you, then they’ll understand and still want to be with you. We will all be just fine. XO M

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