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Use Tumeric (curcumin) capsules 500mg doseage. Do not use the ones that are mosty or all Tumeric Extract Use the ones made from the whole herb or partial herb and partial Extract.

Females: Insert up to 4 capsules inside the vagina to clear up cervical dysplasi and genital warts inside the vagina. Use a pad as it will come out of your vagina an orange color. When you wipe and see anything that looks like flat or slightly raised grey or dark even black colored particles on your tissue these are the warts coming off of you. COntinue treatment for at least 4 days past when you no longer see anymore warts. COmbine this therapy with taking 1000mg Lysine 3-4 times a day. Once the warts are gone you can stay on a maintenance dose of 1 capsule of either 500mg or 1000mg a day.

Another internal treatment for both cervical warts and cervi al dysplasi is using lemon oil mixed with lemongrass oil combined in coconut oil. Make suppositories with these ingredients by placing themiture into a mold (make it yourself or purchase at a store) when they get frozen take out then put them into a bag and store in the refrigerator so the coconut oil does not melt. Use this at least 3-4 nights a week if not nightly. Do not use any vaginal tx or cervical tx during your menstraul period. Resume when your period is over. Continue use until your pap smear comes back 100 percent normal. You may want to continue doing this to keep the cells helathy the rest of your life. Or just treat when necessary OR treat twice a year for 14 days once your pap smear is normal.

Take serapeptide enzymes along with Bromelein enzymes to get rid of any scar tissue or fibroids you have in or around your uterus and falloian tubes. Use a dose that is at least 120,000 units and take it at least twice per day on an EMPTY stomach. If you take it with food it will break down your food and not the scar tissue. Many women with HPV also have scar tissue and/or Fibroids. Removing these fibroids by using the enzymes will increase your fertility and decrease the pain in your abdomen as well as give you a sense of well being that you have not felt in years, if ever!!. Great for chronic fatigue, as well. Taking cinammin and Peony will increase the blood flow to the area. Doing castor oil packs on the belly for at least an hour 3 a week also increase blood flow to the area, heling to clear the area of any HPV or any other virus and breakingdown all scar tissue. Massage the area with your hands as well as give yourself a foot massage. THese all help the immmune system GOod luck!

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