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Tick bites: will produce a sore even if you pull it out quickly and you never know if it carried an infection such as Lymes or Rocky Mountain Fever. Some people are allergic to their bites and become irritable with bad memory and sore joints. So with that as an option, I've found that burning the bite location (after the Tick is removed) with the glowing tip of a heated nail or incense stick will caramelize any bacteria or tick proteins that may cause trouble. Yes it hurts but the infectious response is more limited and includes no antibiotics or fear of later consequences. Hold the tip of the nail about 1/8 inch away from the skin till the skin cooks and turns white w/ a black (burned) center. When it heals it looks no different than an untreated tick bite but you don't get sick. If you use a nail, find a heavy one that will hold the heat for a minute or longer, maybe 1/4 inch diameter. If you push it against your skin, it quickly transfers the tip heat away from the nail and fries the bite instead of broiling. Broiling is better because it goes deeper to cook any fluid the tick injected into the bite when it was squeezed. The white cooked area around the bite should go as deep as it is wide.

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