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Ok so after scrolling through like 5 pages of suggestions and not listening to them and doing my own thing I decided to just say f*** it, it cant hurt any worse than it does right now. I suck at explorations so I’m gonna put a list of things I did.

1- I brushed my teeth immediately when I felt the toothache coming on.

2- I took another posters suggestion and tried black tea. I didn’t put the tea bag in my mouth though, I just drank it. That did help take away a little pain.

3- I took 2 Advil tablets instead of my regular one and they didn’t help at all for me.

4- I finally got some vanilla extract and used a q-tip to rub it on my gums (ow) and the exposed nerve and surprisingly this worked. So I got a cotton ball and soaked it with vanilla and left it on the tooth.

After the vanilla extract almost all of the pain was gone but my gum around the cavity still hurt. I ended up getting my heat compress and holding it against my cheek and that took most of that pain away. After this whole ordeal I had a really bad headache so I took a shower and let the hot water run along the side of my face which reduced what little pain was left to a dull ache in my jaw.

The only thing I could suggest that would be new is to remain absolutely calm. Working yourself up really bad will just give you a headache and make the pain worse. I was so close to just pulling the tooth myself because I was so worked up.

Best of luck!!

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