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Peace of mind

I take Oil of Oregano it kills EVERYTHING, good and bad, for three days as well as Blackseed Oil and probiotics this combination worked until I started to eat a lot of sugar. Now I have to start over. I was able to get rid of the itch and discharge, never had much of a smell but so HAPPY that the itch was gone. Black seed oil also kills yeast. I take the oil and cook with the seeds(use like black pepper) . Don't take if you have high blood pressure.

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Jodi Barker

I had bv on and off for 10 years after my son was born. I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it. Like others here have said, antibiotics made it worse. I've been bv free for 8 years every since I decided to STOP FEEDING IT and eliminate sugars from my diet. Finding the correct probiotics (only 2 strains are clinically proven) and a prebiotic diet helped get my body back in balance.

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