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Ok so... many of these remedies work...a bit. Cloves, saline(salt water), garlic, ice(if u can stand it.) Love the post about ozone too!!

Ive been suffering with progressively worsening tooth decay. 3 absessed or broken wisdom teeth and 3 absessed molars. Plus a few cavities. Ive had little to no enamel on my teeth since I was about 15 plus my wisdoms growing in, i grind in my sleep etc.

9.5/10 times our broken teeth hurt due to something foreign touching/getting stuck where the nerve ending is exposed causing...??INFLAMMATION! As someone pointed out

ADVIL (ibuprofen) is an ANTI-IMFLAMMITORY. So is ALEVE (naproxen). If u take these orally, yes, they will eventually work.

BUT... if u get either in LIQUID GEL form poke a hole in the end with a safety pin and squeeze a small amount of gel onto a toothpick or q-tip (depending on the nature of your beast) then once youve removed any food debris from the area apply the gel DIRECTLY TO THE AFFECTED TOOTH being very careful not to get it on your cheek/tongue as it burns like a mofo. Keep it there as long as you can without rinsing.Eventually you will succumb to the burn and rinse- try not to rinse the effected area with the gel on it.

I CAN GUARANTEE (once the burning stops) YOUR PAIN WILL B GONE!!! At least Until the next time you eat ice cream or trail mix or whatever your vice is that keeps you doing this time and time again ;)

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Thank you..

I forgot all about the Aleve and I just bought some last night..

Mine got so bad I can't eat and it hard to find a dinist take my insurance

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