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A lot of people are scared to death when they discover these things. I know I was. So, I'm writing this in hopes of helping someone in my shoes. I got them even after having protected sex, so a condom doesn't always work. I had about five of them at the base of my penis right where the condom stopped. I tried lots of different methods and they would get bigger or always come back. The method I found that worked was not painless, I'll tell you that right now. What worked for me was 35\\% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide. You can get it on Amazon. Please, be careful with this stuff. It is not your run-of-the-mill regular old peroxide. It will burn the hell out of you if you are not careful and use too much. First, rough them up a little after taking a shower. I would use a pumice stone in the shower and then an emery board once I got out. Using a Q-tip,just "dot" them with the peroxide. This stuff seemed to attack warts like it hated them. I could feel it go down through the things like a knife. Within two days they would turn black. I had a couple that came back, but treated them quickly the same way and these just sat there (not turning color) until I pumiced them off and they never came back. I then used a mixture of aloe and castor oil which was very soothing to the area. It would turn kind of foamy and I used it daily for several weeks. Been gone over a year with some very faint scars that are almost gone. During the time I treated them, I also completely cut out all alcohol. I did not drink one drop of alcohol in order to build up immunity. I think this was probably a big part of them finally going away and not returning. Hope this helps, just be careful with this type of peroxide. You don't need much at all.

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