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I’m just going to use this forum to basically talk about my anal skin tag removal that I started yesterday. I’ve had this skin tag for over two years. It’s actually closer to my vagina than anal and it was bigger but I have tried so many home remedies and soaps, that help but never completely get rid of it. I’ve been doing ALOT of research over the years because I really wanted it to go away and after going to numerous doctors who were embarrassing to me, and acted like it wasn’t a big deal I got fed up. One doctor said if I remove it would be expensive because it is considered cosmetic.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Over the two years, I googled about remedies, tried tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, freeze away( very fking painful) and this emuaid ointment for $45. All were a waste of time and only made the area worst. Tea tree oil made it raw and burn. Freeze away made me feel like I would pass out and acv was harsh as well.

So I found a forum and blogs talking about using dental floss to tie at the base of the stalk. I read about the pros and cons and realized that it can pose as dangerous if not done properly and you would need antibiotics and all sorts of stuff because the floss can cut into your skin blah blah. So I kept reading and saw an alternative. Tagband removal kit on Amazon for $22. So here I am now with this method because it seemed like the safest and least painful thing to use.

Along with that, I made sure I had cotton balls, witch hazel, alcohol 91\\%, antibiotic ointment with pain relief and cvs equivalent to orajel which numbs the pain.

Day 1: I showered and got a stand up mirror those round ones that you can closely apply make up with. And I used my flash flight and lay down with my feet up and my legs open. I wiped with witch hazel first, then alcohol (tagband also comes with alcoholic wipes), then I rubbed the orajel and ointment on. Just enough so I can still see what I was doing but enough to numb the area and make sure it was clean. Before this I practiced with the tagband to make sure I had good aim. When it was time I put it on I had to use my own finger to clasp the band down by putting the ring right to the end and then putting the cone over the skin tag and using my finger to push the ring down. I did this twice to make sure that it was on and secure. There was no pain at all. Even hours later I didn’t feel anything.

Day 2: In the morning I started to feel a little sensitive (soreness) and discomfort, part being my bf kept touching my butt and playing with my butt cheeks. ( I didn’t tell him I was doing this method) So he didn’t know and kept telling him to leave me alone but then I finally told him. Anyway, I waited till I had my bowel movement, when I felt it coming I applied orajel to my butt and along there so when I did BM it went pretty well with no pain. Then I used wipes, went to shower immediately after. I used black soap and antibacterial soap called Symba. Then I went back in the laid position and checked again. I don’t know if my bf caused it but the band moved slightly or maybe I didn’t realize it wasn’t at the stalk. So I had to place another one. I prepared just as before and did it again. This time it hurt like hell but just for like a minute. It was a huge painful sting very excruciating and I thought it would last so i started to cry like what have I done to myself. But lucky for me the pain went away and I don’t feel anything again. The tag is swollen a little and pinkish.

I will come back to update. I have dental floss Incase I may need to do it along with this method. Wish me luck!

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So what happened?? Did fall off?


Nooooo it because worst and infected! Do not use tagband you’re better off just living with that ish. It is now bigger and more noticeable. I put more reviews under Dee because I didn’t remember I used my middle name.


I was going to buy tagband to deal with my anal skin tag when I can across your review. Were you able to resolve your infection and get the tag smaller? I am thinking the only way to truly resolve is by surgery which i don't want to do :(

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