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I've had angular cheilitis for it seems like forever and I've tried every home remedie there is,I finally tried effing vagina ointment and it helped a little, basically just took the gunky yeast away.THIS IS MY STORY So my angular cheilitis is Very advanced it started out as a little dry patch on the right corner of my mouth,then about two days later it had 3 deep lesions (cuts) and they would bleed and oose puss (clear liquid) this went on for a week during this week I was trying the remedies. None of them worked!! And I am a 16 year old girl and I go to highschool. Soo with this disgusting thing on my face what's the 1st thing I think to do? Well of course it would be to cover it with make up! So I did and it looked awful. it was raised, puffy, and flakey and through out the day the makeup would slowly soak up the puss and blood that oosed from the soar so it would become a greyish green color and when I got home it would be about 1 centimeter deep in yeast gunk and I would peel it off and deep clean it with baby wipes every night before bed and I would wake up and it would be closed together but as soon as I opened my mouth BAM it cracked open and the process started again.and through out this I had a little patch on my left side too but it wasn't bad at all so I never toutched it!! Finally I saw how people where using Monistat (vaginal yeast medicine) so I found some in the cabinet (most mom's have some) but mine was a little pellit looking thing kinda like a little oval piece of wax so I started to rub this on it every chance I got and every night and it took the yeast away(the yelloish build up) but the cuts where still there so there is no more build up but the flakeyness and the cuts are still there and the left side just started to get bad just like the right side and this has made me actually depressed!! I've made my mom pick me up early because I was scared people where looking. Why does this have to happen to me? It's literally worse that a bad pimple because I've had this for like a month now and it's not getting better!! I don't want to say there's no hope but unless you go to the doctor and get prescribed a 50$ medicine there's nothing you can really do because I've done research trust me I'm a teenager and I want rid of it so I've definitely done my research and I'm telling you there is not one Article. 1 answer. to any of these questions NOT one video. nothing that actually gives a cure so I wish myself and everyone else luck with this pestering piece of shit infection.

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I get the small cuts and start applying Cortibalm to it on day one. By day 4 it is all gone. I get it a few times a year from my cpap and drooling lol. But Cortibalm ALWAYS clears it up. I hope you are able to find some in your town. In mine it is by the chapstick and oragel. Good luck!

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