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Mix 1 part Mylanta and 1 part Benadryl allergy liquid. Gargle for a little while. The Benadryl eases the pain and the Mylanta coats the sores/ulcers in yout throat.

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I actually know a doctor that prescribes this to his patients


My son has been suffering from a sore throat for several days and has been diagnosed with mono. His Dr. prescribed this mouthwash and it is the first thing that has brought him relief.


The little thing that hangs down in the back of my throat (uvula) was swollen 3 times the size, and had a sore throat also. Went to the clinic and the Dr. suggested this. I though she was nuts but thought oh well, what can it hurt? It actually works, and I'm feeling much better this evening...atleast I can talk normally


This is also a good remedy for babies who are teething. My pediatrician and ENT recommended it to me.....good to know it also works for a sore throat. (The Benedryl will help you sleep too.)


i have never heard of someone elts doing that !!! My mom has given that to us since we were kids and it works everytime !!!


My son has mono, nothing was soothing his throat. He couldn't even swallow. We tried this and he was amazed at how much better his throat felt, and glad to be able to swallow without severe pain anymore.

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