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I found a few methods on here that got rid of my genital warts. I used Apple cider vinegar aka ACV which sounds pretty easy to use and is but there are a bunch of problems with ACV in my opinion.

First off, ACV is liquid and requires you to use a lot of cotton and tape and pretty much soak your warts for hours which is not so fun and its very tedious.

Second, It smells disgusting!!! Like horrible! You will smell like rotten eggs and vinegar if you arent careful.

Third, ACV doesnt help your immune system get rid of genital warts so youre going to need a few more vitamins and etc.

Well, I was browsing amazon looking for a alternative. Most solutions used crazy chemicals and there was no way in hell I was putting that on my junk.

I came across this wart remover called Warts B-Gone. All my warts were gone within 9 days and it didnt hurt. Its on Amazon and what is so great about it is that it has ACV but in ointment form and they use other natural oils to block the ACV smell. So Would highly recommend it as a alternative to just ACV. I'm in no way associated with the product. Im just a satisfied customer. Amazon Link:

Trust me from experience. Dont go around smelling like ACV all day. Its not good.

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