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Exposed nerve in tooth: I was terrified to try most remedies because the ice water remedy was the only one working for me and I didn’t want to risk that not working anymore. I was applying ice water directly to my tooth every 26 seconds but after 5 hours of this I became freezing and exhausted so at one point I clenched my cheek and realized it stopped the pain. Noticing this I thought I might try to suffocate the nerve with something solid. I rolled up a tiny piece of cotton ball and placed it inside my broken tooth and packed it in with a dental tool (or tweezers/toothpick would work). Stopped the pain on contact and Inwas able to finally sleep. Removed it in the morning and it no longer hurt but I’ve been replacing the cotton every few hours to keep debris out it until I can see the dentist this week.

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Hello, I also found out a few days ago that I have an exposed tooth in the very back of my lower jaw. It was okay for a few days, as I’ve kept it covered with a temporary filling to nothing can bother in such as food or cold/hot drinks. I woke up this morning with terrible pain. I’ve had several toothaches before but I’m never prepared for any tooth ache. It’s the most terrible pain anyone can ever be put through in my opinion. I’ve had lidocaine from my past toothaches, and since I’ve had a history with bad teeth and terrible toothaches, I try to keep antibiotics and pain killers from the past I’ve had to go to the doctors over a tooth ache. So I took amoxicillin, just one, and a pain killer and lots of lidocaine until the pain killer started working.

It’s been 2 hours now since I had to touch my tooth with lidocaine but I can feel that dull throbbing pain. I can only imagine if I didn’t have that temporary filling in the whole, it would be much worse and I would probably be driving to the hospital right now.

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