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The Skintag Slayer

So I have followed probably all the other stories on here and I vowed to share mine if I ever succeeded, I SUCCEEDED!!!

My journey to freedom from my anal skin tag took about 3 months in the making, a lot of trial and error, tea tree oils, dental floss, thread, scissors etc.

The first method I tried was using a thread to tie the skin tag, I could not ask anyone to help me for obvious reasons, so I did it myself, oh boy! the pain was excruciating and it didn't feel like it was getting any better, it just got swollen and beyond discomforting, after 2 days I had to cut off the thread, it left a wound around the area and had also cut off a small part of the skin tag, so I figured it was working. I tried cutting the tag off by myself after reading that some of you did it on here (IT IS EXTREMELY PAINFUL AND NOT FOR THE WEAK) I of course couldn't go through with it.

I left the wound to heal then I got myself some tea tree oil after reading that it was a natural remedy. I applied the oil every day for about a month, and it wasn't showing any results.

Frustration set in and I gave up for another few weeks, but every time I wipe my ass this lump was just there, and (minor detail, I'm gay), so it was major because sex was very embarrassing, just the thought that this thing that looks like some sort of ailment just made me shy away from sex altogether, which enhanced my frustrations.

Finally I decided that the skin tag wasn't going into the new year with me, so I got myself some floss, but the thread was too thin, I then found a thread that had a bit more thickness so as to not cut through my delicate anal skin, well it worked, the pain felt more like numbing rather than excruciating, boy oh boy was I in for a ride. I felt so happy that it was working that I needed to enforce the knot with another knot so as to speed up the process. I did that around day 3, and gosh was it tight! By now the tag was swollen and very sensitive, and my skin was detaching from the tag and healing at the same time which was very painful, couldn't sit down easily, I had to stay in bed almost all through, ALOT OF PAINKILLERS helped and also some antibiotics to prevent infection. On checking the tag by day 4, there was progress but the pain was still there, so I decided to try to cut the skin tag off with some scissors, but it was too painful so I tied it again, this time with floss, (note that on tying these knots, they were irreversible because it had gone deep into my skin that I just couldn't cut off the thread by myself) so that helped, the fact that I had to just run with it. Fast forward to day 8, I had tied it up with a tighter thread, and the pain had made me sick, luckily it was during the holidays. For about 2 days, The skin tag had already begun to decompose RIGHT IN MY ASS!, the stench was disturbing, I already began to worry, the texture was very rough and soft at the same time. On day 9 as I took a bath, THE SKIN TAG FINALLY FELL OFF!!! A miracle, I couldn't stop dancing, so I scrubbed my ass like a MF, used rubbing alcohol afterward and coated it with tea tree and shea butter oil to help with the healing. Today I'm skin tag free and happy, my confidence is restored and I am glad to be sharing my story.

Before you decide to remove your skin tag DIY style please know your capacity to handle pain and weigh your options. Is it really worth the pain? can i just see the doctor instead?

Because honestly, the pain involved in the removal for me was the most pain I ever felt in my life. Some people on here claim to not feel that much pain but mine was EXTREME.

Be safe guys xoxo

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Congrats! If you’re still reading this, how big was your skin tag(s)? Did you just have one tag or multiple? Did you have thin stalk or wide stalk?

We’re you pain free from the day your tag fell off?

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