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Success only with regimented change and care! If you want these nasty buggers to go away you must follow these important steps!

1. Nothing in the following steps will work if you don’t religiously follow this first step: change your diet.

Hi fiber no crap processed foods no extra fat no bullshit foods. Bland food diet, baked chicken rice root vegetables vegetables vegetables vegetables vegetables vegetables vegetables! Get my point! THE REASON WE ARE ALL IN THIS MESS LOOKING AT THIS BLOG IS BECUASE WE ALL HAVE BEEN STRAINING TOO MUCH AND TOO LONG GOING NUMBER 2! So if we don’t make the conscious effort to change our diet we will continue to strain when we’re sitting on the toilet and continue to be in this situation. It worked for me I like crappy food I made the change I go to bathroom once a day no straining this was the key to the success!

2. Take the Epsom salt bath 3 times a day 20 minutes minimum with out fail. Don’t use epsom salt with any fragrance or added crap to it, plain epsom salt and hot water. Best to do after going to bathroom and prior to Step 3.

3. Turmeric and Ghee (India clarified butter). Another stipulation do not skimp on the Ghee, find it get it and use it as your emulsifier do not use coconut stuff or petroleum jelly, only use ghee. Prior to bed, Mix a teaspoon of high-quality Turmeric powder with a tablespoon or so of ghee mix. Take an Epsom salt bath. Put the Ghee mixture on a gauze pad, slap it on the area and put another guauze pad over it. go to bed, do that three nights in a row.

DISCLAIMER - this stuff stains. It’s best to use underwear and clothes that you prefer never to wear again after this episode. Or that you’re going to designate to be worn on these three nights of shame. Leah towel in your bed try to lay on your side while you sleep. When you awake everything that mixture touch will be yellow it will be yellow for sometime. The sacrifice is worth it.

4. A lot of people on this blog are nervous to consult a doctor. Please don’t do that. It’s best just to check in with your doctor you can tell your doctor like I did that I’m not up for a surgery option and Can you please help me try to remedy this at home without surgery, they will oblige. They don’t want to have to do surgery they would prefer you to get better without surgery. But, if there is a problem and the infection is a big one it’s best to get it seen and fixed by a professional. Either way a medical professional is going to tell you to 1 and 2 for relive along with an OTC hemmroid dream in place of 3. My doctor said to go for the Ghee and turmeric in place of OTC cream.

5. Try to stay calm. This condition hurts physically, mentally and just plain sucks but ALAS THIS TOO SHALL PASS. One way or the other they will go away but we are the masters of this quest, no one else so stay sturdy and steadfast with these steps.

My next quest is to never have these things come back so I am religiously without fail no matter what the situation is no excuses following number one for the rest of my time on this orb! Good luck to you.

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I eat clean diet and still get these nasty perianal abscess so WTF am I supposed to do? I mean the vegetables high fiber still do not help me.


The turmeric actually works great on the abscess. I could not find the ghee so just mixed turmeric with water and applied paste. Now changing diet to add my fiber.


Scott - time to see the doctor...


I had one of these about 18 years ago and now I have the same problem

I don't drink fluids much never have and have been constipated my entire life so the original poster was correct it seem like in my case it may be from straining

Subsequently as my abscess started I was lucky enough to inherit the flu as well

I'm very shy about this area and doctors so I will absolutely be willing to die instead of the doctor for this

I went to the doctor for my flu, refused to tell doctor about this abscess in the anal area

I am trying turmeric mixed with peroxide and wild oregano oil now

I have ordered turmeric powder and ghee as the first poster suggests, overnight delivery and will try this for a few days and see if it prevails

This abscess was 8 times its current size two weeks ago but with constant warm epsom sitts baths it's gotten much better

As of yesterday my diets changed, no more after dinner pizzas or blocks of cheese, my weakness

Hoping for the best and ordered an organic powder vital reds which is organic vegetables and high polyphenol which online suggests helps digestive issues

Rather trade a few fingers for guarantee this never returns




Thankyou, everyone im gonna try this ASAP... I hope and pray that this works. Thanks again


Turmeric and ghee worked amazing for me along with the Epsom salt baths. I also only ate foods high in fiber throughout this painful time. Ex. Oats, bananas, broccoli, apples, strawberries and oranges. Thank you so much for sharing what worked for you as it worked for me!! My anal abscess pain went away the second time I applied the turmeric and ghee paste, but I think I messed up when applying it the first time because I didn't have any gauzes at home handy so I improvised by just applying it directly on my abscess. Anyhow thanks again!!!

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