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It's 4 am and I'm sitting in bed crying my eyes out cause I have an exposed nerve on my upper left molar. Honestly I'm thinking about calling into work tomorrow, I have a ten hour shift. I no longer have dentil insurance and none of the remedies I've seen have worked on me. Warm water with salt, no pill is helping, I put some wax on it from when I had braces that just made it worse, oils aren't helping, I classed and there's nothing in it I just made my gums bleed really bad. Any suggestions on what I can do?

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They make a kit available at walgreens call red cross toothache.

It is basically clove oil and works instantly. It doesn't taste very good but is amazing. It is also great for infection as it is antibacterial and kills the infection.


I have that and it burns really badly so i stopped using it. It also didnt help my nerve at all


So did you fix it yourself in the end?

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