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Ok people, successful healing that works! Trust and do it.

I said I will post here everytime this site helps me so I can even out carmic points.

I had perianal golf sized abscess 3 months ago and I just bursted abscess on my butt under waistline again golf sized. Needless to say how it hurts, especially becouse you cant sit, lay, walk or anything. When pressure raises, you think you will pass out and it lasted for days in my case.

Here we go:

1. Most important: apply tea tree oil on abscess, maybe mixed with curcuma and importantly coconut oil so it doesent dry out skin. This will pull out puss and shorten the process.

2. Apply garlic if you can for 10 minutes. It will hurt, so you will need to:

3. Take hot sitz baths maybe 5 times daily, It is biggest pain reliever. At the end gently wash with mild soap.

4. For quick relief pour very hot water in small bottle and apply

5. Eat: lots and lots of garlic, curcuma mixed with water.

6. Take pain killers at worst moments.

7. If it doesent burst but its fully swollen, heat desinfect very sharp needle and make small hole at the tip in bath tub under water. You can feel your way with fingers, slowly drain. You will love life after this.

Keep area clean. You are welcome.

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