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Thanks to the man for suggesting DUOFILM. Amazing product but a warning.It is far stronger than ACV and will burn terribly for about ten minutes after application.

This is my 3rd day of treatment and half of my 20 or so warts have gone already.

In my case I contracted HPV and warts by being tongued anally by a promiscuous person even though a condom was used for the sex itself.

While a delicious experience at the time about 6 weeks later I developed small lumps which at first I thought were piles and so treated according with preparation H cream.

A big mistake as 2 weeks later the warts had grown and spread and resembled cauliflower bunches.

I did the vinegar test and they turned white which also showed me the horrendous number and the rapid multiplication.

My method so far:

Morning application of DUOFILM by brush it comes with. followed by dripping more solution onto a cotton wool ball and holding between buttock cheeks directly on the anus all morning.

In the afternoon I replace the ball with one using ACV and leave in until my evening shower.

I may not be entirely accurate but DUOFILM is(or at least feels like 10 times stronger)than ACV so treat with caution. It burns to say the least!

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