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Hi everyone,

I am going to start by saying that I have finally stopped my genital herpes, it has been probably about a year now and I am positive it is not coming back!

I am back to tell my story, as I know how one who is looking for cure feels and my heart goes out to you. But please know, there is a way out, just stay strong, focused and take this opportunity to really get to know yourself, your body and show yourself real love through self care.

Now let me tell you how I did it.

I did try EVERYTHING I could find on the internet to try, starting with ACV, then cleaning up my diet, antifungal herbs, herbs from Thailand, medicinal cream for genital herpes from Germany (stops is temporarily), garlic, foods rich in L-lysine, eliminating trigger foods (for me it was coffee, any treat food including chocolate and chicken – look into Chinese medicine, foods that cause dampness and symptoms that show up when body is too ‘damp’) and many many more, I can’t even remember to name. Some of it helped, like the one about ‘damp food’ and also eliminating coffee completely. I believe Greek oil of oregano was helpful also. The whole process made me healthier, not to stop eating food but actually to eat MORE of a VARIATEY of foods, to intake VARIETY of nutrients, vitamins and minerals naturally, which I suggest you do – clean up your diet (no processed junk) and eat varied diet to stay strong and healthy and of course, move your body, this is very important. Also, especially for women, you have to keep your blood sugar stable, if you don’t, then a lot of things will go out of proper alignment. I recommend reading a book for that ‘WomanCode’. It will explain in detail how to do it and how to have a healthy life.

Now, the part what stopped the virus. I, from time to time suffer from angular cheilitis, that ‘sexy’ tear on the side of your mouth. I believe that it always shows up when I eat something sweet, chocolate, cake at some party – sugar spike, you see? And also I believe it triggers bad bacteria overgrowth. And surely, right after the corner of my mouth would start to become infected, the genital warts would show up also. One time lip got so bad, all the treatments I use to do were not helping anymore, so I visited (embarrassed) the pharmacy and they gave me this cream called ‘Travocort’ 10mg tube. I placed it on the corner of my mouth and literally overnight the bacteria on the lip was gone and I could see that all that was left to heal was discoloration and the crack. I was astounded. What an effect. Mouth was healing but the genital herpes were not. I read the leaflet and it said to be used on skin, but not specified. Light bulb moment! So I used it on genital herpes. It requires only a tiny bit, it’s very potent and each time I used, it killed the virus more and more. I could see how when the herpes would re-appear, they would no longer fully develop, by the 3rd or 4th time it was just an itch and I placed the cream there again and then it was DONE. GONE. This stuff works! You can read more about it here:

I hope you will find this useful and I hope you will get relief from this! I send you love and blessings, be well and be happy! Because you deserve it 1,000,000\\% !!!

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