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hi there had tooth ache for weeks now.The only thing I find that helps with the pain is crushing ibuprofen up and rubbing on the gum where it hurts not sure if its bad but helps with the pain.

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Grape seed powder-Sage powder-cranberry seed oil--Xylitol

where ever vitamins are sold these items are found. also on amazon.whole foods. sometimes Walmart stores. except the cranberry seed oil i only found on amazon.

Use grape seed powder ((not)) grape seed oil ((not grapefruit oil))

But grape seed one or two capsules of grape seed powder and pour directly on tooth surface or into cavity if possible. If this is an upper tooth take a small sip of warm water along with it and swish it around.then not spit.

or use a very small amount of coconut oil along with the grape seed powder. this will help coat the affected area and stick to the tooth surface.

although it's best to try to use the powder by itself. do not rinse your not spit. Go to bed with the powder on your teeth. this will work and will actually harden your tooth enamel if you continue it's use each night before bed.

After your crisis is over begin to use a little xylitol along with one or two grape seed capsules daily.pour as close to affected tooth as possible swish about one minute and swallow. Cranberry seed oil ((not)) juice...but cranberry seed oil swished with a small amount of water or xylitol daily will stop decay & will harden your teeth. also cacao nibs along with a little xylitol will harden teeth all within a two week period.

say good bye to cavities and sore gums and teeth.Xylitol grape seed powder and cranberry seed oil along with the herb (sage powder)will become your new best friends.

note: Warm Sage tea made very strong use(McCormick)on the grocery aisle. It's amazing for quick relief. also pour sage powder straight into your mouth. as close to or inside will be amazed.after a few minutes spit but do not rinse the sage from your mouth. then get some needed rest.

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