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Hi there. Exposed nerve on my wisdom tooth and the pain has been unbelievable. Due for extraction very soon, thank goodness! Solutions: I soaked a cotton pad in clove oil and put this onto my tooth. Unpleasant but effective, the whole area was numb within minutes. Even more effective, though a little harder to find, is oregano oil - but be prepared, the taste is horrendous. It also has more of a burning sensation than clove oil, so use a little more sparingly. I was using ibuprofen to manage the pain but this stopped working - at this point I was advised by a nurse to switch to co-codemol with paracetamol. This has done the trick and I am pain free at the moment. Hope these tips help.

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Katy Young

Google says:

Taking co-codamol with other painkillers. It's safe to take co-codamol with ibuprofen and aspirin. Don't take co-codamol with paracetamol, or other medicines that contain paracetamol. Co-codamol already contains paracetamol so you could be at risk of paracetamol overdose.

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