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Jennifer Bratcher

A few years ago after my most recent biologic seemed to quit working AGAIN I decided to make a switch and moved my medical records to a functional medicine doctor. She was highly recommended by a friend who had nearly completely reversed her rheumatoid arthritis. I'm fortunate enough that my insurance is fine paying for the funtional medicine approach... I've been so healed that I would gladly pay out of pocket if they did not.

The first thing she had me to change was my diet. The focus was on lower inflammation and for the most part I changed to paleo. I was/have been vigilant about it. I never eat bread, keep my sugars under 50 grams a day, eat way more good fat and protein, and generally try to keep my carbs as under 100 grams a day.

Next she explained the phenomenal results her RA patients had experienced when they also took very high quality, high grade turmeric (must be very concentrated curcumin) in combination with lab grade boswellia serrata (comes from frankincense tree). She explained it was urgently important to get a lab grade version produced in the US where it would be independently tested... there is a huge problem of very cheap products made in China with toxic filler and flooding the shelves of Amazon and even our drug store shelves. So that day I bought her last bottles of Turmeripure Turmeric and Turmeripure Boswellia.

Within a month of taking it the pain and swelling was a reduced. Not a huge amount but it was noticeable. She told me to give it time... remember... my diet was also massively changing at the same time which can have a detox effect. Detoxing isn't a great feeling at first as all the toxins from processed foods are pulled out of cells.

But by month 2 the inflammation was significantly reduced. By month 3 the pain was nearly gone and I had stopped using my copper compression gloves. My husband was amazed. I was amazed.

I take it daily and I'm sticking with the diet as well. I have the occasional cheat but I really restrict it to no more than once ever month or two. I've lost 35 lbs which I think is mostly due to the diet but without a doubt I'm far more mobile than I was before the diet and the turmeripure.

So happy to be off MTX and pred!

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