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So about two years ago, i had a molar on my top right break half way off, exposing the nerve. This mo had me crying, not sleeping or eating for 3 days straight. So i googled what kills an exposed tooth nerve and what popped up was clove, or clove oil. So i then proceeded to google what over the counter products has clove in it. Sure enough anbesol popped up and oragel fidntm so i went and bought the anbesol and some q-tips, soaked a crap load of them in anbesol and kept them bad boys on that nerve, changing the q-tip about every 10-15 minutes, and in a day and a half or two- boom! The nerve was dead, a week and a half to two weeks later the rest of the tooth broke and i didn't even feel it, i knew cause i bit down on a piece of it. Now here i am, 2 years down the road with two half molars on the bottom left side and im about to do it again, this pain from both is worse than just that one smfh

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I have had many many broken teeth with exposed nerves and pain so bad you want to remove your own head, I know I need but can't afford it either. I have found that the only thing that helps with the crushing pain is to take a ride of headache meds with the acetamenafen aspirin and caffeine and an OTC dose of plain sinus pills. The ones you get from the pharmacy work better but its such a hassle. Take those two meds 4 hours around the clock for pain relief until the clove oil dies its job. It kills the pain better than any prescription!

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