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Sherry /Kenny

My mother was a LPN (old school nurse) So I'd heard alittle about the MRSA infections but until the first of the year I'd never witness someone having these boils until My husband had started having them come around his waist area we thought he'd cause a few hairs to be broken which became infected from his belt rubbing them and it looked so bad I finally refused to clean and dress it for him because of not having insurance we couldn't get him to go to the doctor hardly ever .But they finally got to be to much so we took him a 51 year old men who's tuff a heck gave in to go th a Urgent Care Clinic but it was on a saturday evening so the place eas closing and they done nothing for his discomfort but drawed blood which cost several hundred dollars for Lab Test Do you know they'd never contacted him about it being MRSA and He was only give two days of antibiotics so we called our family doctor to follow-up but she just looked at his area and sent us back home .There was nothing again mentioned about the infection so about two months passed he became ill saying he could catch is breath for three days we brushed it off as he'd just buried his mother the saturday before and His father not sic months from that day .So I thought it was COPD which runs in his family but on thurday he couldn't stand the discomfortvof smoothing any long so we went again to our family doctor who called Crew to transport him to ER with a heart rate of over 200 bpm (We're blessed he has a strong heart because he stated it had been beating the whole week that fast. They done Blood work again and gave him IV antibiotics for 24 hrs & sent him home with three different kinds to take at once with a Probiotic but he still had a very dry beep sounding pressure cough with a spot showing on his lung which the ER doctor had a fit about insisting it had changed in size from 2014 -2017 .One Week from that day we were to see our famiky doctor for follow-up and nothing was ever shared about the Blood Work from ER or from his Clinic Visit & Our Famiky doctor advised us She had viewed the new lung xray thatcwe'd just brought with us from the hospital that morning but she said her office had a lung specialist and they viewed the xray where it was showing thecspotvan they seen NO CHANGE IN THE SPOT BUT YET EVEN TODAY He's coughing hard and dry.So he's given in to going to a different clinic First Call tonight for what I thought might've been a spider bit but after speaking to the doctor I've been reading up on this MRSA ......Every sence all the way back to that first time they drawed his bleed I bet my life he's had this MRSA BUT NOT ONE CALL FROM A DOCTOR OR LAB TECH TO LET US NO AND I'LL BET MY LIFE ON HIM HAVING MRSA you know why I asked the doctor two days ago what would make them boil come up and be hard as a rock with nothing really insided of them (this clinic didn't even draw blood but she totaled me MRSA so my next question was sense I'd been dressing and cleaning his wound shouldn't I be given a antibiotiac also but they refused ifcI'd washed my hands goid and been wearing gloves we'd be Ok ......GUESS WHAT bere knowing much about this infection I realized I'd cause my Pain from Sharing his shaving razer so my arm pit is killing me and I'm going to the dermatologist tomorrow for a itching and my face broken out & itching which is scaring more the my acne and High School. **So my question is do I share all this right off the bat the dermatologistor let her examine and come to her own ideas I don't want to scar her off thinking I'm a know it all doctoring myself ...It all boils down look at how long my husbands hadvthevsigns and not one medical person has bothered to see if he'd gotten ..

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