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With an exposed tooth nerve there is no oral medication that will relieve your pain, you may think you feel a tiny bit better but that is only the affects of the narcotics working on your brain. You have to cover the nerve, period, that's it. It is exposed and once you cover it it will no longer hurt. That is what the dentist does, they just have more permanent materials. Just be sure to keep the area as sterile as you possibly can and that does include your face and hands and material you're using to shove in the tooth. My partner has been in severe pain from an exposed nerve but is also as stubborn as a.....IDK she's stubborn and refuses to listen to any reason nor try anything because she feels that killing the nerve of this tooth:) is the only option. She is going to put bleach in a tincture then drop one drop on a Qtip and put that on the nerve, I do not recommend this as bleach can strip your teeth and I'm sure will damage the gums but maybe work if she truly only uses one drop and apply's to only to the nerve, we'll see. It's a ballsy move, so for those of you out there who don't want to try and prove how ballsy they are and apply bleach to an exposed tooth nerve in their head or burn it with a hot screw driver or any of the other crazy and dangerous remedies I've read ( also a lot of super helpful ones too, thank you! ) try just simply covering the nerve and call a dentist. If you notice the common denom between most of the posts is just covering the nerve is the answer. From cheese to toilet paper to asprin paste it almost doesn't matter what you use, just cover the EXPOSED nerve. Good luck everyone and may you all enjoy food and beverage of all temperatures any time of day or night!

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Chew on ibuprofen, let it in ur mouth with hot water & then swish. If possible put a piece of the ibuprofen in the hole or on the exposed nerve

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