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So I only chanced on this thread this morning and realized what I was suffering from was not piles but an Abscess. I was in so much pain and reading through all the remedies. Since I didn’t have access to the ingredients I used what was available to me which is hemorrhoids ointment (most of you might be familiar with preparation H, anusol and other ointments). I applied it just like I Would on my piles and took diclo for the pain. The drug knocked me out and when I woke up the pain had gotten worse so I took to one of my moms piles pain remedy. 3 or 5 table spoonful of salt and hot water in a basin, then added cold water to make it not extremely hot (you don’t want to cook your bum). After I did a few dips just to get my skin used to the hot water then I sat in. It burns for a few minutes but eases the pain rapidly. I sat there until the water was almost cold. I could feel the abscess increase in size (it doubled in size) but with no pain. I applied the piles ointment again and I’m waiting for it to open up and drain itself. Let me know if this works. (I am repeating this remedy about 4 - 5 times a day until it bursts open).

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