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First of all thank you all for sharing you saved my life!

I just wanted to share a few things that I learned after visiting this page. Euogun oil is clove oil, it is just clove bud, a part of the clove that oil is extracted from. Second benzocaine is Anbesol. It is usually red and thin and burns when you apply it. Orajel is also benzocaine but it does not burn and it comes in a gel and also has different formulas with Menthol and that make things even more tolerable. The other things that I learned are if you rub a pain cream, such as aspercream, on the outside on your cheeks and around the lip area wherever your pain is more centered it helps as well. Dry socket in my opinion ranks close to child birth! OMG I WANTED TO CUT MY HEAD OFF. Hope this helps too.

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