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Background: skin tag since middle school, now late 30s, female. Never had constipation issue or any other health problems. Petite

Size: grew and added few more over the years. couple of large raisins, half size raisin and couple of tiny ones - they don't hurt, pinkish and skin colour

Method tried: dental floss on two large ones


Day 1: didn't feel the pain when tying one of them, felt sharp pain tying the other one. Few hours later, it started to swell but no pain and went about doing normal activity

Day 2: lots of pain, cannot walk properly. Somehow managed BM but in excruciating pain, then took shower which helped ease the pain. Took 2 voltaren for pain relief and pain subsided to less than half. Very swollen, pink and tender to touch, size had grown, one of them to a blueberry size and another one to a plump big grape but in funny shapes and it's hard. Mental state - "what have I done to myself?". Took shower several times throughout the day. Took more pain meds before sleep but either it stopped working or pain level had increased to a point pain meds wasn't enough, I could not sleep through the night. 20mins - 2hrs at a time, meditate, took shower in between.

Day 3: lots of pain, cannot walk properly. Somehow managed BM but in excruciating pain but was quick, took shower to help ease the pain. Upon careful inspection, noticed one of the tags had ripped, explains the pain. Applied antiseptic ointment several times a day. Took shower several times a day. Tag is still very swollen, looking very much alive, tender to touch and it's hard. Took pain meds throughout the day, but still in lot of pain. Mental state: "I want to cut the dental floss and release myself from this pain but it's so wedged in that I can't. I'm so stupid!", wanting to cry. Took pain meds and went to sleep, managed to sleep through the night.

This is Day 4 morning. Have not taken pain med yet but managed to take the bins out for rubbish collection, little bit hopeful for the improvement in pain level atm although it is still hurting to do normal activity. No BM yet. Ripped tag showing little scab, applied more antiseptic ointment after shower. Planning to take pain med and possibly try for BM after breakfast. Current mental state "Maybe I can get through this...or not. But never doing this again". Tag still looking pink and swollen, very tender and hard.

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LOL! Yes I knew what you meant :)

So, now the swelling has finally subsided hugely.

Tomorrow is two weeks post procedure and I will say that I am now finally starting be glad I had it removed. The swelling has dropped to the point that it is actually smaller than the initial tag. It will hopefully continue to decrease according to the doctor. That is the hope at least. The pain is pretty much completely gone at this point too. Thank goodness!

One of the things that I would highly recommend is Arnica tablets which are a homeopathic remedy (but note you can develop a toxicity if you take too many so read about this before taking them). Once I started taking them the swelling dropped significantly. So this is a must I believe.

I'll update you again in a few days but at this point I would recommend this procedure to deal with yours. Let me know what you decide to do.


Well, I am about a month out from the procedure now and I will say that I am not hugely satisfied with the outcome. There is still a noticeable bump down there. It is a little smaller than it was prior to the procedure but just a little. Given how uncomfortable I was for the 2 to 3 weeks post removal I am not sure if it is all worth it. That being said, it could be a number of issues for me that you might not have to deal with; location, size, the doctor's skill, etc. Maybe the swelling will go down a bit more and it will be even smaller and maybe not. It is hard to say at this point.

Let me know what you decide to end up doing.



I hope you are still checking back here.

And I am still very much tag-ful :(

Nothing has really changed for me but I am so sorry to hear after a month, it’s only little smaller than it was originally :(

I really thought I’d be reading the update that it’s completely gone! I’m really sorry... it’s devastating.. but glad nothing bad happened. what will you do going forward..? Are you going to do home remedy or going for second surgery or going to live with it?

I don’t know what I would do now...

There are days I can’t stand it and there are days I feel ok to just live with it.

I might purchase tag band and try it myself again or see a specialist who will band it rather than cutting. It just seems cutting it off may cause swelling and that itself stretches the skin... so letting it die off slowly by banding may still be an option. But from remembering how terrible/painful my experience was before, I’m really not sure if I have the courage to do it again.., I was this close to going in to emergency!

Perhaps you saw little more improvement since your last update (hope)?


PS so sorry about my delay in posting, hope you’re still on it... I’m still everyday bothered by my little things down there........

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