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Background: skin tag since middle school, now late 30s, female. Never had constipation issue or any other health problems. Petite

Size: grew and added few more over the years. couple of large raisins, half size raisin and couple of tiny ones - they don't hurt, pinkish and skin colour

Method tried: dental floss on two large ones


Day 1: didn't feel the pain when tying one of them, felt sharp pain tying the other one. Few hours later, it started to swell but no pain and went about doing normal activity

Day 2: lots of pain, cannot walk properly. Somehow managed BM but in excruciating pain, then took shower which helped ease the pain. Took 2 voltaren for pain relief and pain subsided to less than half. Very swollen, pink and tender to touch, size had grown, one of them to a blueberry size and another one to a plump big grape but in funny shapes and it's hard. Mental state - "what have I done to myself?". Took shower several times throughout the day. Took more pain meds before sleep but either it stopped working or pain level had increased to a point pain meds wasn't enough, I could not sleep through the night. 20mins - 2hrs at a time, meditate, took shower in between.

Day 3: lots of pain, cannot walk properly. Somehow managed BM but in excruciating pain but was quick, took shower to help ease the pain. Upon careful inspection, noticed one of the tags had ripped, explains the pain. Applied antiseptic ointment several times a day. Took shower several times a day. Tag is still very swollen, looking very much alive, tender to touch and it's hard. Took pain meds throughout the day, but still in lot of pain. Mental state: "I want to cut the dental floss and release myself from this pain but it's so wedged in that I can't. I'm so stupid!", wanting to cry. Took pain meds and went to sleep, managed to sleep through the night.

This is Day 4 morning. Have not taken pain med yet but managed to take the bins out for rubbish collection, little bit hopeful for the improvement in pain level atm although it is still hurting to do normal activity. No BM yet. Ripped tag showing little scab, applied more antiseptic ointment after shower. Planning to take pain med and possibly try for BM after breakfast. Current mental state "Maybe I can get through this...or not. But never doing this again". Tag still looking pink and swollen, very tender and hard.

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Yes, I am worried about experiencing pain such as what your friend experienced. After visiting the doctor today I am scheduled to have the procedure to remove the tag in two weeks. The doctor assures me the recovery should be fine and that the worst part will be the numbing in preparation for the removal. I am already nervous about that but will come back and update you on how it went afterward.


Omg yes PLEASE! I'd so love to hear your update!!! And thanks for your update after seeing your doctor today.

I've lived with this for way too long, decades in fact!!! It's about time for me that I take serious step.

You are probably half way across the world from me but I am feeling nervous for you!!! I truly hope your recovery will be speedy and not too painful! But however easy or difficult post operation experience will be, this is going to be a sure way of getting rid of it once and for all :)

I have fingers and toes (and butt cheeks) crossed that this will go perfectly for you :)

By the way and apologies for asking too many personal questions (no need to answer if don't want to) - is your skin tag large/small? Do you just have one? Do you know if your doctor operating you specialise in removing this or is he/she a general surgeon?


Thanks for all of your well wishes! I am pretty nervous too. After reading so many nightmare stories here I am aware the recovery could be really ugly.

The doctor is a general surgeon but he tells me he has removed many of these before.

I have just one and I would say it is on the large side based on what I have read here and seen online. The doctor tells me it is simply a process of numbing (that is going to be the awful part), clipping it off and then stitching up the incision area. He said based on his exam that it shouldn't be more than a couple of days of discomfort but I am not so sure. Only time will tell!

I will update you next week after the procedure is over. They gave me no idea of how long I will need to be there for the procedure so I am hoping it is a quick but likely painful process.



Thanks for getting back!

I feel nervous for you but I’m glad to know that you only have one, sounds like it’ll be straightforward procedure in this case ;)

And you were told couple of days of discomfort - that’s great coz I know many people are told a week (end up 2-3 weeks). So couple days may just be a week at worst case, which isn’t so bad given how much we hate this!!! I had a week in pain for no result! At least this procedure will give you definitive result.

I’ll check back here again next week to see if you have updates. You’re brave and so much smarter going this route!

Good luck!!!!!


I had the procedure yesterday.

It was less painful than I had imagined but the injections did hurt some.

The tag was easily removed and the wound stitched closed. All in all it took only about 10 minutes.

I was sent home told to do sitz baths for two weeks. The expectation is that the stitches will be absorbed by the body over the next two weeks. There will be swelling for up to two months. There will be a small scar. The doctor said the bleeding would be minimal and I can take an over the counter pain med to manage pain. He makes it all sound so simple.

The pain wasn't too awful yesterday. There is some but it about a 4 out of 10. I am sore and a bit uncomfortable back there. My fingers are crossed that I don't have too much bleeding today because I had more yesterday than I had expected.

I'll update you again soon as to how things progress with recovery. It's too soon to know if I am glad I went through with it because the swollen tissue is just as bad as the tag itself at this point.


Three days out from the procedure and sharing what has happened.

The pain hasn't been too bad actually. It is more discomfort than anything else. Motrin has been enough to kill it. There are certain movements that don't feel great but as a whole it is not that limiting but I have not been able to run at all.

The bleeding was more intense than expected on day one but is pretty much gone now.

The incision spot is so swollen it is bigger than the actual tag that was removed. It will be incredibly disappointing if this doesn't go away. All of this trouble will have been for nothing. My follow up is 2 weeks post procedure and I have my fingers crossed the swelling will have gone down by then.


You DID it!!!!!

Very glad to hear that the pain isn’t so bad for you!

Sounds promising but you’re right.., swollen spot is concerning. 1.5weeks more wait, and I’m sure you will get to see tag free swell free smooth bottom!

So you’re able to do your usual activities like work (if it doesn’t involve heavy lifting) and house chores etc?

This maybe my new year resolution!

Merry Xmas and thanks again for your update.

If it is not too troublesome for you, I’d like to hear an update from you again.

Wishing you a speedy recovery :)


I am more than happy to update you on progress. I feel like there isn't enough information available out there for those of us suffering from this.

So, up until today (now 8 days out from procedure) I would have said there is no way I would recommend anyone else do it. The swelling has been bad and just general discomfort all of the time. No horrible pain but just annoying.

They told me 2 days of no exercise and then back to my usual routine doing what can be "tolerated". Because of the discomfort I have yet to return to exercising which is not an easy thing for me to keep from doing. Recovering is the priority though. That being said, this has really gotten in the way of my day to day life thus far.

Today, the swelling is finally starting to subside. I am still on the fence about whether I would suggest this procedure though. The current swelling is still larger than the tag itself so that is not a positive. If it keeps going down and gets to the size I was told it would be then I will be happy but until then this discomfort seems like a waste.

Sitz baths twice per day are necessary. They are the only thing that offers much relief. If you are going to do this, get a sitz bath ready before you have it done.

Thanks for all of your well wishes! I am very grateful. I'll update again soon.


Thank you so much again for the update! It’s true, there isn’t much information on the experience itself so I’m glad to have found you!

I was really hoping to hear you say all going well and that you’re simply tag free. But I see that you’re finally starting to see the swelling subside, that’s really good! Hope it continues to subside and I get to hear/read you say happy thanksgiving have done this procedure. It’s almost new year, I hope you will start 2018 tag free and back doing exercising. And it will be my turn :)

Thanks for the advice on sitz bath, sounds like a life saver. I also learn that never trust what doctor say about the recovery time!

If not too much trouble, I’d like to hear/read more update on this from you :). Many many thanks in advance!


You may have figured it out comment above got autocorrected from “to” to “thanksgiving”!? In case you’re wondering what is wrong with me... haha.

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