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Background: skin tag since middle school, now late 30s, female. Never had constipation issue or any other health problems. Petite

Size: grew and added few more over the years. couple of large raisins, half size raisin and couple of tiny ones - they don't hurt, pinkish and skin colour

Method tried: dental floss on two large ones


Day 1: didn't feel the pain when tying one of them, felt sharp pain tying the other one. Few hours later, it started to swell but no pain and went about doing normal activity

Day 2: lots of pain, cannot walk properly. Somehow managed BM but in excruciating pain, then took shower which helped ease the pain. Took 2 voltaren for pain relief and pain subsided to less than half. Very swollen, pink and tender to touch, size had grown, one of them to a blueberry size and another one to a plump big grape but in funny shapes and it's hard. Mental state - "what have I done to myself?". Took shower several times throughout the day. Took more pain meds before sleep but either it stopped working or pain level had increased to a point pain meds wasn't enough, I could not sleep through the night. 20mins - 2hrs at a time, meditate, took shower in between.

Day 3: lots of pain, cannot walk properly. Somehow managed BM but in excruciating pain but was quick, took shower to help ease the pain. Upon careful inspection, noticed one of the tags had ripped, explains the pain. Applied antiseptic ointment several times a day. Took shower several times a day. Tag is still very swollen, looking very much alive, tender to touch and it's hard. Took pain meds throughout the day, but still in lot of pain. Mental state: "I want to cut the dental floss and release myself from this pain but it's so wedged in that I can't. I'm so stupid!", wanting to cry. Took pain meds and went to sleep, managed to sleep through the night.

This is Day 4 morning. Have not taken pain med yet but managed to take the bins out for rubbish collection, little bit hopeful for the improvement in pain level atm although it is still hurting to do normal activity. No BM yet. Ripped tag showing little scab, applied more antiseptic ointment after shower. Planning to take pain med and possibly try for BM after breakfast. Current mental state "Maybe I can get through this...or not. But never doing this again". Tag still looking pink and swollen, very tender and hard.

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Day 4 cont: Painful BM, shower and took pain med. Morning didn't feel much improvement in pain level but afternoon felt like a breeze compared to day 3, although still walking funny I managed a short drive to pick a parcel from post office. Tags are still pink, swollen, hard and sensitive to touch. Pain meds, antiseptic ointment and shower several times a day. Slept through the night.

Day 5: Woke up with still some pain and BM was still excruciating, feeling down that's it's not getting better after all. But the rest of the day went well with pain level half of day 3. Walking funny but managed to go shopping in the afternoon for about 4hrs. If I were to meet friend, I could probably get away by saying "I hurt my right lower back" but preferably not meet anyone at this stage yet. Felt some pain during shopping so I had to take some rest in between but otherwise manageable. Still taking pain meds and antiseptic ointment religiously and took shower several times. Managed to catch up on housework as well. Not much change in how tags look but by late night, tags feel little but noticeably less sensitive to touch. Feeling hopeful that I can get through to the end. Most likely I will be able to get full night sleep at this rate.


Day 6: Woke up with full night sleep. Had some discomfort but not too painful. Popped couple of pain meds and went out to see friends the whole day. There were few times where I felt the pain but otherwise manageable and no one noticed I was in pain so that was good. Tags started to show some discolouration - about a shade lighter at the tip but still swollen. BM in the afternoon, still very painful. Feeling hopeful that I can get through to see the end of this journey as the pain seems to subside day by day. Still taking shower and applying antiseptic ointment several times a day to mitigate the risk of infection.

Day 7: Had full night sleep. Again, some discomfort more than pain. BM in the morning was still painful but not too excruciating. Went out for dinner with friends and all was fine. Small scabs had come off naturally and causing slightly more discomfort than Day 6 but manageable. Today marks one week since the start of this journey and starting to feel a little annoyed that the progress on the tags itself has been very slow but happy that the pain has subsided significantly, tags are still swollen but colour is starting to fade further more especially at the tip end. Also less sensitive to touch. Still taking shower and applying antiseptic ointment several times a day. Looks like this is going to be a long journey, probably another 3weeks at least at this rate if I were to see through to the end naturally.


Week 2: Uneventful, nothing much to update as pain had subsided considerably, just occasional slight discomfort but requires no pain meds. Unfortunately, very little change in tags itself, still looking plump although showing lighter shades of pink at the tip and not sensitive to touch anymore. Still taking shower to keep it clean and applying antiseptic ointment. It is disheartening/discouraging as it appears this tying method only made tags bigger than it was originally. It will probably take months, not weeks at this stage to see it fall off if ever and if patience doesn't run out first. More likely, it may require re-tying to tighten further to see the real result but at this stage, that pain experienced in first week is still too fresh in my memory that I would not put myself through with that again and instead, I will wait out as long as I can to see how this works out. I highly doubt that I gain the courage to "cut it off" manually so that won't be part of my solution here. There will be no more updates until the day either tags fall off successfully or I give up with more prominent looking tags :(


This is day 3 of week 5. I just wanted to give a quick update for anyone who maybe reading this in the future considering of tying their fairly large skin tag like myself. Basically, swollen skin tags had shrunk and stopped causing any pain whatsoever but I must add, these skin tags had gotten slightly bigger because it had stretched so much when it was swollen. They never fell..! But it shrunk to a point that I could easily see the original dental floss still attached to it. Few weeks back, there was no way I could see the dental floss because it was tied so tightly and edged in. At this point, you can either remove it and pretend you had never attempted this silly journey at all and continue to live with skin tags or you can choose to tie another one over and tighten it further since the original dental floss is no longer tight. Couple days ago, I chose to do the latter. It didn't hurt to tie it but the next day, it is swollen again and started causing minor discomfort though perfectly tolerable. I honestly have no idea how many months this is going to take before it falls at this rate unless I give up first, in which case, I will be left with even bigger tags than its original size for making them all swollen doing all this.

For anyone trying this method, I recommend you please retie it tight before the dental floss gets loose otherwise like me, you will end up going back to square one.


Do you have any updates? Getting any better? Is it still there but just smaller now? I am really scared to try the dental floss method after many of the stories here including yours. It sounds pretty brutal.


Hi Anonymous, not much to update, I'm sorry to disappoint... Unfortunately, they're still there. It has shrivelled but bigger than it started before tying dental floss. It has been swollen and stretched out so that's what it is now.

It was brutal the first week, certainly not for the faint heart. There were times I thought of rushing into Emergency but I could see dental floss got wedged in so deep that I figured that Dr cutting the floss is going to be a real hell, so I stuck out for couple more days and it did get better - that was my first week. It wasn't so bad after 2nd week, just minor discomfort then felt no pain but I should have tied the second dental floss or rubber band as it got loose. When tags shrivell, dental floss gets loose and unless you retie it tight again, blood will flow back and you'll be back to square one and that's exactly what happened to me. The tricky thing is though that if you tie it too tight, it can cut your skin and could cause infection. It didn't happen to me but something you'll need to be extra careful about. Having said that, it needs to be tight enough to cut off blood supply, so this is not as easy as some success stories had given you.

If you have thin stalk, I'd say just do it...but if you have wide stalk like mine, you could be in it for a long haul. You'll need to have high pain threshold, patience and diligence to keep the area clean. I wasn't brave enough to retie it tight again sooner when it got loose so that was my downfall.

I might have to give up soon... This is week 6 and nothing is happening after retying. It's not causing any pain but I see no change, still big and plump. If I keep going at this rate, I'll just end up with multiple dental floss around there that's not helping. If I take the dental floss today, it will shrivel but I will end up with bigger tags than I started this because this whole journey caused it to swell and stretch out to its max. I feel really dumb but having no infection and the fact that these tags cannot be seen in public, maybe it's not the end of the world... :)

I hope you will have better luck than mine. I feel your frustration having to live with this, best of luck to you!


Thank you for that update and information. I am so sorry to hear that this has not been successful for you. It has been quite a saga and I wish you were able to find some relief.

I ended up ordering the Auto TagBand with hopes that it will work. I tried using Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree oil only to find it was irritating my skin greatly and made the tag swell. So, no such luck with alternative treatments so far.

Good luck with yours. I hope you can find something that will work to resolve this for you.


Hi Anonymous, I popped back in to see if you have (and I hope) success story to share with Auto TagBand? I have wide stalk so I'm not sure if any method would ever work but if it is working fir you (though you may have small thin stalk), then I might give it a go as well!

I too tried ACV but like you, it only irritated the skin and did no good.

Btw, I removed my dental floss... :( This whole thing just feel so comical but this to me (and I'm sure there are others on this forum) a serious uphill battle! Haha.

Hope you will post your update (success story!) - best of luck to you!


Thanks for the well wishes but I have yet to receive the Auto TagBand. I am still waiting to get it.

In the meantime, I booked an appointment with a local doctor to see if they have any advice/options. They offer banding for hemorrhoids so I will first see if they are able to take care of it for me. If not than I will try the Auto TagBand and hope for the best.

Sorry you haven't found any success on your own.


No worries :) Hindsight, I should have done what you are doing. See doctor for their opinion first and if nothing can be done professionally, then use home remedy such as Auto TagBand that is specifically designed for this purpose. Since removing the dental floss, tags are now completely back to just flap of wrinkly skins (sorry TMI) but maybe tad bigger than it used to be as it got stretched so much. I'm becoming a little stubborn about getting this sorted on my own so I might do AutoTagBand first and if that doesn't work, I will see doctor who specialise in this. I had lived with this unsightly thing for way too long...not that anyone can see it but still..! I have a friend who had been operated by doctor and she went through agonising pain for over 3 weeks even though she was told few days of recovery time - but it's a sure way to get rid of this little bugger.

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