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For the past several months I noticed the inside of my ear smelled bad more than my right ear. It was the usual ear wax smell but increased. I never thought it was an ear infection because I didn't feel any pain or have and discharge. The only difference is when I clean my ears there is less wax in my left ear than my right.

This past week the smell changed to fishy. Still no pain or discharge. Decided to drop from hydrogen peroxide into it and it bubbled like crazy. I'm certain it's an infection. I think I may have lost about 5\\% hearing, but I can't really tell.

Not sure how I got it, but my guess is it's bacterial. Not sure if this was around the same time as the smell, but months back I jammed a q-tip in the ear (accident, of course) and lost some hearing for a few hours.

I don't want to make an appointment for a doctor visit, so I'm gonna try to use home remedies for it. I'll continue to use the HydroPero, and I read white vinegar/alcohol mix good, too.

Can I use both on a daily basis? or should I stick with one daily?

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