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The best remedy is crushed aspirin + acv + castor oil or tea tree oil.

I tried just acv. It hurts badly. But the above ingredients can get rid of the cauliflower type warts in 2 days.

The bigger ones will takes more days. But it definitely worked for me.

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Jon Wakamoto

mayo works for me.


MAYO? as in Mayonnaise?


where i can buy those aspirin acv

Powerpuff girl

Hi, I was diagnosed with Genital warts last March or April 2017. At first it was just a one small bump but then I ignored it not knowing that it would grow bigger and will multiply. Time passed I noticed that it became itchy and as I was having a shower, I was shocked when the single bump multiply. I became desperate since that was my first time since it was also my first time having sex before I got my warts. I called my Ob for appointment and then as we met, she said that it was genital warts and it can only be spread sexually. So I researched about treatments for genital warts and started using ACV. It was painful, ignoring it but then the longer I am using Acv, it became more painful and worst is my Vulva had wounds so I stopped. The next thing I did was the banana peel. There was no progress, I even mixed Pineapple juice (natural) and Acv but still it was painful. I researched a lot until last month, I decided to buy Baking soda to be mixed with Acv so that I will still be able to use my Acv. It was very effective, for weeks and month i've been using it, the big bumps are gone and I am now almost free from genital warts. There is only 2 small bumps left and they were almost gone and im so freaking happy. What I always did is here:

1. In the night before I go to sleep, I wash my vagina using Betadine feminine wash and after washing, I make sure that my vagina is dry by wiping it with tissue. Even after every time I go to the bathroom, esp. After peeing.

2. After I wash my vagina every night, I mixed Acv and baking soda (enough amount to be used in one night)

3. I cover it with tissue. Supposedly it is cotton but then I find it hard to prevent it from falling so I used tissue instead and cover it by wearing underwear and let it overnight.

4. In the morning after waking up, I wash my vagina again with Betadine feminine wash (Im only using the acv and baking soda mixture once a day only before I go to bed.)

5. I always consume 1 clove of garlic every day after I took my breakfast. And I also took vitamin C for my Immune system.

I repeat that every day so now, I am almost wart free yay! My 2 small bumps are now almost gone thanks to baking soda, acv, betadine, garlic and vitamin c ???????????? better try it.

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