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Uninsured so the ER was a last resort for me as I still owe them from my last infection. I developed a baseball sized patch of cellulitis on my bum. The inflamed area is the size of the baseball but the infection is inside a pocket the size of a ping pong ball. It has been hard to sit, walk, drive, or function at all.

I've had cellulitis before and understand how deadly it and other skin infections can be so while I totally love and support these home remedies- I cannot stress still taking antibiotics. Don't wait until you NEED them, plan ahead, and keep a round in your medicine cabinet at all times to catch it early before it spreads. They are too easy to find online without Rx.

I've had cellulitis enough already so I have learned that preparation is half the battle. Bactrim DS is your best friend. If you can't get your hands on it, the ER is better than dying of complications.

Once you've had a case you are more likely for it to recur. Be prepared!

By Day 3 of onset I knew this one was going to be a doozy. I lucked out in my area and people bring antibiotics across the border from Mexico and they are easy to find. So I looked up my local pill slinger and asked for Bactrim.

I hadn't had time to reorder online as I literally just had cellulitis in chest and used the round I had on standby so I had to put on my big girl panties and drive to an apartment complex where grown men are cruising around on bikes watching the parking lot, park by a certain color vehicle, and wait. Antibiotics are such already low priority for DEA so I wasn't too concerned.

Finally, Pedro Penicillin came walking out and we did the deed. It wasn't quite an episode of Breaking Bad but it was close enough for me. He tries to offer me other cool tic tacs he stuffed in his poopshoot across the border (hopefully not on Taco Tuesday) I assume he meant ones that make you drool all over yourself or peek out your blinds every 6 minutes. I declined and said I just have a misunderstanding with cellulitis so I'm strictly antibiotics. I told him he and his gf should save my number and call when they have another round available. So there's that. I'm coolio with the Mexican Capsule Cartel. I'm going places.

I'm on Day 8 of this thing growing out of me (but only day 4 of Bactrim) I'm thinking at this point my life is over, my bum is rotting off with necrosis, or I am dying of sepsis.

The infection always gets WORSE before it gets BETTER even with antibiotics so don't panic. It stopped spreading and is retracting slightly so I stumbled on this site to help draw out the rest. I've never had one so big and severe. I used what ingredients I had that I've read here because I cannot possibly leave my house and hobble through Safeway with a baseball protruding through my yoga pants. My luck it would burst then and there. I already think this little love spot on my bum is punishment from God for not wanting to marry my ex fiance because the s*x was bad. I'm shallow. Cellulitis cesspool and shallow. I can't chance taking this growth in public.

I have done the usual every day, soaked in the bath as I could. I started with toothpaste in the bandage. You are right that for some of us it does literally damage/burn/take off a light layer of skin but this levels the playing field a bit- one less layer for the fluid to break through to drain. It did seem to draw the pocket of fluid more to surface.

Still no drain. But this is also not your average bout.

So then I spent the entire day alternating hot baths, sitting on a heating pad watching Netflix, and mixing a salve of baking soda, garlic, and vapor rub all mixed in equal parts. Again, put on and covered with an xl bandage.

Behold, by the end of the day my little bum baaeball formed a head and has begun leaking more and more. I laid a towel under me for sleep in case I give birth in the middle of the night to what I anticipate to be the most disgusting thing I've ever seen drain out of this thing. I lay here and type this as it drains....painless thanks to 1000mg of Tylenol.


Antibiotics & Street Cred


Heating pad

Lots of warm water/baths/compress


This is a very scary and painful experience but there's some great advice here so figure out which option your body responds to and good luck and good vibes.

I should have married him.

I'd have health insurance and my bum wouldn't be aesthetically ruined.

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You're refreshing.


I'm sorry you were suffering, but your writing definitely made me laugh, which I really needed right now to distract me from this unrelenting pain. You are a very gifted writer. Thank you for that.


This made me giggle quite a few times which was much needed thank you for that

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