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Hey guys! I just want to share with you what I have been experimenting in the past few days. I am a 30 year old male and have been diagnosed of having anal warts just recently. I went to a colorectal surgeon to have him check on what is that lump on the opening of my anus as it becomes bigger overtime. I have been researching and found out that it is anal warts based on the photos I saw on the internet which prompted me to go to the doctor and have him verified. I have tried everything from ACV (which is really not a good idea as it burns like hell and leaves my skin painful after). I have also tried using Kasoy Cream (which I saw online and bought as well) and also tried creams which contains salicylic acid which makes my ass really itchy and makes me feel uncomfortable.

However upon doing my research, I always got into articles on how I will kill these warts which all leads me to salicylic acid (which I already tried and got traumatized). But I thought to myself its the way to go! So upon checking online on effective treatment on warts, I bumped into a product called DUOFILM. It is a concentrated Salicyclic Acid and Lactic Acid. Upon doing research about this product, I thought this was the godsent product that I have been looking all my life!!!

However upon checking on the product information, it cant be used for genital warts, face or anogenital warts (which terrified me and ofcourse made me sad) but I thought of giving it a try whatever the outcome. I just told myself that I will kill these warts once and for all. Haha.

So I bought the DUOFILM at a local pharmacy as it doesnt need prescription and got really excited to give it a try!

First I tried it on a small wart on my finger and I can instantly feel the efficacy of the product as I can feel that its ripping the wart on my finger apart. I mean that feeling of stinging sensation on my fingertips. It left a white coating on the wart and I felt that its ripping my wart apart (which instantly made me delighted, OH YES!)

So I took shower when I got home, brought the mirror close to my anus, and put the DUOFILM directly on my ass!!! And OH MY GODDDDDDDDD IT BURNS LIKE HELLLLL!!! IM SWEATING LIKE SH*T!!! THE MOST INTENSE PAIN THAT I FELT ALL MY LIFE!!! It got so itchy and my anal sphincter got so painful (as the warts are on my anal area). Woooohhooooo!!!! PAIN LEVEL IS 10 TO BE HONEST!!! I WASNT EXPECTING ALL THAT AT ALL!!! However, the pain lasted only for a few minutes and I got through with the pain and the itchiness but I told myself that I have to to this! I put on another brush of DUOFILM and I doesnt hurt anymore. I love the itch it gave but its no longer painful like the first one.

The next day,I decided not to put DUOFILM (as I got traumatized of the pain,like its super painful, extreme pain to be honest) and I also noticed that the film is still there on my anal sphincter so I decided not to put DUOFILM on my second day.

On my 3rd day as I was taking a shower, as I was rubbing my ass with soap, I noticed there were lots and lots of scabs (dark ones) and it looks like burned warts. You could still see the whole wart being ripped off and black in color. It was amazing!!! I was touching my anal area and the scabs just fell on my hands, I mean like WTF!!! I GOT EXTREMELY EXCITED!!! I looked at the mirror and WOW! THE SMALL WARTS ARE ALL GONE!!! I assume those were the warts that fell off! I GOT EXTREMELY EXCITED YET AT THE SAME TIME GOT AFRAID ON DOING THE PROCEDURE AGAIN!

So I researched, got back to my phone and checked for local anesthetics and BHHHAAAAMMMM!!! LIDOCAINE!!! Lidocaine cream are used externally for procedures like waxing, tattooing,etc. So I decided to buy one. I bought the one with the brand name EMLA 5\\% LIDOCAINE/PRILOCAINE.

So here I am again checking my ass infront of the mirror like a stupid 30-year old guy. Haha. So I placed the EMLA (Lidocaine/Prilocaine) on top of my warts. Left it for 10mins until i felt that my ass felt numb. You could really feel that your ass is numb as you press it. You will not feel anything. Haha. Anyway, I decided to put a small amount of DUOFILM on a very small wart and OH MY GOD IT FELLS NOTHING!!! NO PAIN AT ALL REALLY!!! So I put the brush on the much bigger warts (clusters) and NO PAIN AT ALL. ITS LIKE MAGIC!!! So I just keep on brushing the DUOFILM as if its nothing. Hahaha.

I'm on my 5th day now, 2nd application with DUOFILM and first day application of EMLA with DUOFILM and I swear, I've never been so happy all my life to have found a solution to my problem! NO PAIN! JUST HAVING FUN OF KILLING THESE WARTS OFF! Haha.

I hope I will be able to help you all with the problems you are having!

PS. You will feel a little uncomfortable as the film from DUOFILM with remain until the 3rd day or until the warts are gone. But hey, just deal with it! Its not painful anymore! Lets just continue to kill the warts and live a happy life away from warts! I hope these helps! I am decided to put the EMLA WITH DUOFILM EVERY NIGHT UNTIL ALL THE BIG WARTS ARE GONE!

Contact me thru my email if you have something to ask:

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The reason why it hurt was because Duofilm is not made for anal warts. You could have died trying to remove the warts. Please don't do that again.


Yes I know as it was written in the indication but my big anal warts now thats been blocking most of my area are now really small. Im apply first the lidocaine then after 10mins, I put the duofilm. Doesnt hurt really but it is indeed itchy but in a good way. You can feel the scabs after 2-3days onwards.


Thank you for being so honest and forthright on a subject that NO ONE wants to talk about.I first had them more than 20 years ago and had surgery (laser) for them and they stayed away until I have one large one and I think I will try your method


No problem. Warts are almost gone now. Persistence is the key really.


So you apply lidocaine then duofilm?


Well done Jaythan. Thanks for the advice. To embarrassed to go to a doctor so will try your solution :)


Hey everyone! Thank you for keeping in touch via email.

As of posting, ALL and I mean ALL of my small anal warts are now gone. I am still treating the big stubborn ones as of posting but they are really small now than before. They used to block my entire asshole before but now Im cleared on the side on my anus and I am only treating the top and bottom anal warts on my anus.

If you have questions you can hit me via email. I post a comment here because I have been receiving a lot of queries really regarding my treatment.

All the best! Lets kill all the warts.


Thank you for suggesting DUOFILM as I had about 20 anal warts and after 3 days I can see and feel about 4 and these are much smaller than they were before.

Beware though as DUOFILM is very very strong.

ACV I tried this morning and the burn is far milder than with DUOFILM.


I just tried this... Praying it works!


Where can one find duofilm?

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