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So I had a tiny planters wart on the bottom/side of my foot for about a year (suspected culprit; Gym shower). I didn't think anything of it because it was basically the size of a pin head. It started growing after a year and hurting, eventually 2 years later was the size of a quarter and very deep/painful. I want to a dermatologist to begin scraping and freezing treatments, about once every two weeks, and using medi-plast stalcilic acid pads in between treatments.

Long story short my insurance changed and with the frequency required of the freezing visits I couldn't afford to go after about 4 sessions. I began doing an at home treatment of Dr. Sholls freeze treatment once per week on the wart, immediately after I would cut a piece of mediplast out the size of the wart and then wrap it in waterproof medical tape and leave it for a week. When the week is over, unwrap dressing and file down dead skin, then repeat for about 3 months.

It takes forever I know, but three months later my wart is COMPLETELY gone, zero pain, and it cost a total of $10 instead of the $2000 it would have at the dermatologist! You can by mediplast online on Amazon and medical tape at any drug store. Consistency is the key here people! Good luck.

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